Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glorious Bounty Fan Art!

Actually, I hate to use the term "fan art" in this instance, and merely use the words as a lure so that you have somewhat of an idea of what you're getting into. I really should title this post "New Glorious Bounty Art By a Friend Who is an Accomplished Artist and Comic Book Creator in his Own Right" because the piece is question was drawn by a fellow Perth comics creator who now resides in Melbourne.

I'm talking about Andrei Buters who writes and draws the very engaging and deep fantasy series Dead by Thirty which I recently read the first three episodes of (Ha! I read one that hasn't even been released yet, suckers! I got the hook up!) and I immensely enjoyed both the clever writing and Andrei's style. You can read more about the series here, and you can even buy some of it from here.

So after threatening for a while, Andrei surprised Grug and I yesterday with his brilliant interpretation of the Glorious Bounty crew.

And it happened to look a lot like this (Click for super-sized version):

I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that anyone other than Grug has drawn the Bounty gang. I think this is officially a greenlight to open the floodgates, so if you want to draw them and send/link them to me then I will post your versions too. I love how Andrei has put the blades at PK's base on cords. So post your interpretations so we can rip off all your good ideas. Come on Alex Ross! I know you're a fan, so GET ON IT!!

And this is all extremely topical because today is also new Glorious Bounty day. Some brief thoughts on the new page.

I especially love Grug's work on this last page as he introduces a new (and detailed) set and creates a strong performance for Bruce. It's also nice to get away from the recent bickering and let some dialogue flow (well... Bruce is really doing a monologue, but still it's a break from the bullshit of the other characters). I had a lot of fun coloring this one, playing with the pinks, reds and golds to try and sex it up a little (even though what's happening is very unsexy). I also used pinks and golds to kind of subconsciously link the room back to Bruce's drink so you're always reminded of its presence.

But the thing I'm most pleased with (are you enjoying reading me pat myself on the back? Hooray for us and our dumb comic! This calls for a ticker-tape parade!) is the fact that we're finally getting a little more backstory about Bruce and how he fits in with the gang. I've always seen him as somewhat apart from the other guys, even though in many ways he's the metaphoric glue that holds them all together.

My god! We are all so clever and thoughtful that it's amazing we haven't received any recognition or awards! Where are our trophies, Grug? I've cleared all my shelves!


  1. I love how PK is the front of the speeder bike...nice touch.

    Yeah it is nice to learn a little more about the characters...well, bruce, anyway...and that deevis is the leader? Well, owner. Interesting...

  2. Speaking of getting to know the characters, I thought at first that Bruce was the 'Dengar', but apparently it's Deevis, because Dengar is a sleazebag?

    Personally I always thought of Dengar as some kind of war veteran who needed a lot of bandages and bionic implants because of all the injuries he'd sustained. To me Dengar was always the sad loser who could never measure up to the other bounty hunters. But I never thought of him as a sleazebag. It's not as if you ever saw him around Jabba's place, right? ;-)

  3. That's what I love about the Star Wars bounty hunters. In terms of movie time at least we're given very little information about them and as kids especially we'd make up our own stories.

    I like to imagine Dengar as the George Constanza of Bounty Hunters. A selfish, lazy douche that couldn't be relied upon for anything. But you're right - there's nothing to support that view in any of the material that's out there. I guess it just amuses me.