Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the Comic for a Test Drive

Have you read the latest page of Glorious Bounty?

I can wait.

Cool, I mean, it's not really a spoiler, we kinda announced this so called 'sticky goat' in the title of the book, but even so you should have seen the newest page before looking at this mind-blowing, behind-the-scenes, seldom-seen-before piece of art work.

Back when we had freshly designed these characters, when I knew very little indeed of what was going to go down in these stories, or even who the characters really were, I decided to do a couple of comic pages more to take them for a test-drive than anything else.

I am sure you have noticed by now that my characters can often stray off-model, and I thought drawing a few practice comics before we began would help me refine them a bit more before we began and help make them somewhat consistent. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case (look at the first ten pages of The Sexy Virus, back when I was attempting to bite Joann Sfar's style a lot more).

Anyway, I just went ahead and drew three test comics - no dialogue, no story, just the characters moving around the page and interacting, really.

And one of them was this one:

And that thing, clung to the ceiling, which is really nothing more than a cute thing I scribbled, grabbed Luke's imagination.

And then this book happened.


  1. I recently started reading Glorious Bounty after hearing about it on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast. No, not the episode you were actually ON, though I listened to that one too, but one before that, where Adam mentioned a webcomic about four bounty hunters and how the comic is really about the downtime in between hits, and why the bounty hunters want to kill each other and OH MY GOD why is that robot spraying acid? I had to check it out, and I'm glad that I did. So far my favourite moment is when they write the message to the boarding party and show it through the porthole. :-)

  2. Hey thanks! That's very cool to hear. I thought only Grug and I knew about this comic! Thank you for letting us know - it's appreciated!