Friday, February 25, 2011

Glorious Bounty Fan Art 2!! Embroidery!?

One of the most awesome things about making things on the internet is that you are linked to wonderful people who are also making things. And I can wake up to surprise like this!

This is the second piece of Glorious Bounty "fan art" (for want of a better, less aggrandizing term) and it's a real doozy! You've seen PK and Deevis in space. You've seen them out in the snow. But did you ever expect to see them...

EMBROIDERED ON A DISH TOWEL?!!?!!!?! (There is not enough punctuation in the world to express this!)

This was the first thing I saw this morning, and seriously, it was good enough that I could have rolled over, gone back to sleep and called it a day.

Huge thanks to my dear, and very talented, friend, Rebecca, who made this (and has been sewing many awesome things!) (And could also write me under the table). It is a fun, but stern, reminder that I never sent her the copy of the first book issue that I promised! That makes me a total douche, right? A douche who must make amends! 

I am thrilled to live in a world where something like this exists!

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