Monday, December 6, 2010

Not Much to Say, But I'll Say it Anyway.

So, I guess I agreed to post in this once in a while, offer up rebuttals to the heinous lies that Luke posts or commentary on what's going on in the Bountyverse or whatever.

We just posted a new page today - page 23 if you are reading this in the future.

And I have nothing interesting to say about it.

The closest I have is this:

When Luke writes Glorious Bounty, he presents me with the script (full, complete issues - none of this "winging it" crap) and they are closer to a film script. By this I mean the script only contains minor stage directions (the stuff that's important) and it isn't divided into panels or pages. The scripts are packed with face-paced, funny dialogue.

Then I thumbnail out the whole book, and I slow the whole damn thing down. I take what Luke likely imagines will be a one panel monologue and stretch it over most of a page.

Like that.

And poor Luke has to wait twice as long for me to finish a chapter as it should take. But then, what it does do is make the comic feel like an animated movie - I get to draw the character going through their poses, play with more expressions - basically give them more life without having to go through the tedium of animation.

And then, when I sit down to draw the pages, I kick myself because I've planned out a lot more work (and a lot more panels in each location - and therefore a lot more drawing the same damn thing) that I need to do. (I cannot wait for the next page where the guys get in out of the snow! SPOILERS!)

Oh, I love to draw - I especially love to make a comic - but it's also a lot of work, and I am impatient. And lazier than you would suspect.

Anyway, I tell you all of this because the only thing I have to say about this week's new page is that it is a very, very rare example of me adding a panel that I hadn't planned in the thumbnails:

That is how roughly I thumbnail! And, as you can see, panel five got broken into two panels on the finished page because I wanted to draw both of Deevis' expressions.

Deevis has the most fun face to draw of the gang.

And that is the closest to an interesting thing to say as I can get for this page of Glorious Bounty.

At least this should get Luke to revoke my posting rights.

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