Monday, December 6, 2010

The Archive!

QUICK! Grab whatever paper products are closest to you - magazines, books, hamburger wrappers - anything! Rip it all up into tiny little pieces. Now throw it up in the air in celebration! Glorious Bounty artist and grand archivist Grug has done the unthinkable (and hereto thought impossible) and created an archive page at the official site so that you can locate and read individual issues easily! DOES THAT NOT DESERVE A CONFETTI PARADE!?

The link is at the bottom of the official site OR you can just go right here now: and all kidding aside it really does make navigation a whole hell of a lot of easier. Now there is absolutely no reasonable excuse not to go back and read book one a first, or a third time. In fact it would be kind of dickish not to! Would it not!?

Anyway, I'm thrilled by this slight, but incredibly necessary redesign... AND there's also a link from the main page to here at the blog. Which if you found this by clicking on the link then you already knew, but if you didn't you would be going there and then clicking the link in order to... come back here! ISN'T THAT A CRAZY PARADOX!? It's like travelling back in time and impregnating yourself! Do you think Grug will tell me off for writing in ALL CAPS all the time?!


Don't forget that Tuesday is new page day, so once you've given it a read why not come back here to the blog and tell us what you think. We might even post some commentary about it. Right Grug?



  1. Sweet! I feel like I affected change :D Of course, you guys did have the idea before I mentioned it, but still....instant gratification! WOO!